"our exquiste cuisine"


avocado vinagrette with lemon and lettuce

two vegetable samosas /meat samosas with hot chilli sauce

Pyramid soups

tomato soup served with a piece of bread

mushroom soup served with a piece of bread


chicken in a basket deep fried with bread crumps medium

chicken tikka kebabs marieted in spices/ pilipili served in BB2 sauce

Indian special

chicken masala tasty and spicy with chillies

fish masala fillets cooked with masala/beef masala piecesof beef fillet

White meat

deep fried fish fillet of Tilapia served with chips and tarter sauce

whole tilapia with soup from Lake Naivasha and chips/well deep fried

fish fillet cooked in butter, garlic tomatoes and onion curvy


tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, served with choice of dressing

chicken, beef, ham and luttuce, tomatoes vinagrette dressing

french beans, mushroom, boiled eggs with top of bacon dressing(special)


tropical fruits, served with mango chetney

ice cream, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or mixed and milk shakes

coffee freshly brewed Kenyan coffee or Nescafe(tea pot)

Grill corner

chicken choma(broiler) full or half / chicken choma(kienyeji)

pork dry fry / wet fry with kienyeji/ ugali

lamb choma/wet fry / dry fry / boiled or beef meat

"breakfast special"

full breakfast

fresh juice made of pineapple or passion juice / a slice of paw paw, water melon or pineapple

a tost served with butter or jam or honey with breakfast cereals, weetabix or cornflakes, two eggs.

two sausages and a portion of bacon, eggs done to a customers choice

tea/coffee/drinking chocolate

continental breakfast

freshly squeezed pineapple or passion juice

slice of pawpaw ,water melon or pineapple with breakfast toast with butter /jam/honey

breakfast cereal weetabix/cornflakes with tea or coffee or drinking chocolate

try kebabs, meat pies, chicken pie, samosa, sausage, arrow roots(Nduma), sweet potatoes(Gwacii)