Today's featured menu

creamy crab dish
  • Nice and tasty!
  • Made from African ingredients!
  • Cooked by African chef!
  • Awarded by Kenya association of chef!
  • Proved to be good for your health!

Monday's special


vegetables curry - peas, potatoes and seasoned vegetable cooked with spices

Wednesday's treat


chicken, beef,ham and luttuce, tomatoes vinagrette dressing

Friday's special


chicken, beef,ham and luttuce, tomatoes vinagrette dressing

Every Weekends


chicken in a basket deep fried with bread crumps medium and chapatis

Our highly qualified chefs ensure only the best cuisines.The kitchen is run by excellent chefs who can prepare international, Italian or local dishes. At Pyramid,you will be treated to the finest cuisine as the chef uses only the freshest ingredients to create a truly sensational menu. For a more relaxed set-up, we invite you to our Balcony section where you can sip on delicious Lattes and Mochas as you sitback and enjoy the breeze.To view our full menu click here and enjoy the best cuisine in Naivasha

There are over 10 staff to look after the guests every need: chefs, waiters, drivers, watchmen, gardeners, laundry and room staff. The Manager of Pyramid Restaurant speaks Italian, English, Kiswahili and French fluently. Meals are served either on the balcony, on the bar section or in the main restaurant. Alcoholic beverages and wine are available on the main restaurant bar or balcony section bar.